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You've Probably Heard These Songs Before
A newly devised performance about how one person's version of a well known song might lead to cultural change. This is a potent mix of cinema, folk songs, My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean, on-stage costume changes and a nice big comfy chair.

First performed on 27/04/2010 at the Star and Shadow, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Platform Audio
This performance of folksong, tape deck and harp was in response to John Mahon's sonic art installation that amplified Belfast's environmental sounds through large resonant items and the windows of Platform art gallery. I walked around the audience and they joined in while I sang songs as a tribute to social spaces and landmarks around Belfast city centre.

Timing By Ear, Measuring By Hand
Pinhole camera exposures are timed by breath and the sound is shaped by cassette. This is a performance for a single audience member who contributes their breath to the recording and receives a pinhole camera shot as a keepsake. The image and the sound respond to the light and ambience of the room. This was the result of a two-week artist's residency at 25sg, where an installation of the pinhole camera shots, cassette audio and a video work of the piece was shown in August 2010.

Paul Stapleton, Cavan Fyans, Adnan Marquez-Borbon and Caroline Pugh. A totally analog improvisation quartet, E=MCH emphasises live sampling in many forms. Memories, distortions of time and place, echoes from analogue delay lengths, solid state samplers and modified wax work with saxophone, vocals, metallic percussion and feedback. E=MCH can play a full concert, or a 15-20 club set, or play a durational event in an empty swimming pool.

from Alexander Refsum Jensenius on Vimeo.

Caroline has been performing annually for SPAE in St Louis, Missouri, USA since 2005. This includes singing Scottish folk songs at the highly respected and folktastic venue Focal Point alongside performers including Brian McNeill, Sara Ann Cull, Ed Miller and Mark Clark.

The Slave's Lament by carolinepugh

Jenny Nettles / Wap and Row / Tail Toddle by carolinepugh